Boulder Dash. Episode IV: Rockford Returns

Boulder Dash. Episode IV: Rockford Returns. This is the fourth episode of the classical game redeveloped to enhance the experience. This remake features 96 levels from the original game. Improved gameplay & usability, varying color palettes, 4 background

T-Minus Loved One Returns Countdown  v.6.0

T-Minus Loved One Returns Countdown.


Batman Returns

Batman Returns is a video game for various platforms based on the movie of the same name. The Sega console versions (i.e. Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Sega Mega-CD, Master System and Game Gear) were published by Sega themselves while the Nintendo, and Super

The Nighthawk Returns

Hold on to your seat, the Nighthawk Returns is back! With improved controllers, new firearms, better shields and a way better maneuverability. It just makes lots of fun playing it. Besides involving into air combat attacks with enemy fighter jets,

Delinquent Tax Returns  v.1.0.0

Delinquent tax returns? You need to act quickly to avoid criminal prosecution for failure to file a tax return. Tax Attorney David Jacquot, JD, LLM, P.A. can help nonfilers remedy their failure to file tax returns. If you are a IRS non-filer,

Hangman Returns  v.

Hangman is back in its new avatar. Play “Hangman Returns” and learn SAT/ GRE words to improve your vocabulary while saving Hangman from being hanged. Featuring close to 5000 SAT/ GRE words to keep going for hours.

Lost Admiral Returns  v.1 1

Quick playing strategy naval game enriched with multi-objective special missions using chess-like mix of battleship, destroyer, submarine, carrier, and other ships in turn-based action.

An LDIF grep tool that returns records i  v.1.0

This utility will provide grep-like functionality to return multi-line (record) matches for blank-line deliminated files such as LDIF files used by LDAP.

E TDS Data  v.

e TDS software from Saibex is a complete TDS software for Filing electronic returns of TDS tried and tested by more than 3000 customers.

TracReturns  v.1.0

TracReturns is a return material authorization (RMA) software application that tracks product returns and repair estimates for service and manufacturing companies. TracReturn also stores the estimate amount and details of the repair.

ServiceTaxXpress  v.1 14

ServiceTaxXpress Software: To assist tax consultants / business entities in the efficient management of service tax returns of multiple business / premises.

SalesTax Mate  v.2.0.97

SalesTax Mate has all the features you need to prepare your Illinois sales tax returns fast without making any calculation mistakes.

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